Rebecka Clark educates healthcare providers on a comprehensive orofacial recovery approach, integrating therapy techniques for optimal results.

There is room for greater awareness among healthcare professionals and patients regarding the importance of this therapy in presurgical and rehabilitative care. While we know that orofacial myology can have a profound impact on patients' lives, we are still missing the most important component which is optimal orofacial function.

Rebecka Clark’s programs highlight the benefits of utilizing an allied healthcare team to provide both recovery and preventative orofacial care services in the office and comfort of patients’ homes.

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Dynamic Presentations

Orofacial Recovery: 
An Interdisciplinary Approach
Explore the significance and advantages of techniques such as facial exercise, intraoral manipulation and utilizing the services of other healthcare professionals
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A Comprehensive Functional Workshop: 
TMJ and the Orofacial Complex
Gain confidence and thorough understanding of the difference between functional and non-functional movement of the cervical spine, TMJ and orofacial complex.
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The Missing Link

Orofacial recovery often remains an unsolved puzzle, with post-surgical facial care receiving inadequate attention. As dental providers, we have a unique opportunity to fill this gap and be advocates for the comprehensive well-being of our patients.
By advocating for pre- and post-surgical facial care, we not only enhance the recovery process but also elevate the standard of care we provide.
Let us rise to the occasion and champion the implementation of comprehensive orofacial recovery protocols in our practices. Let us take charge of this issue, knowing that our efforts have the potential to transform the dental healthcare landscape.


Upcoming Conferences



Phoenix Arizona 
May 2nd - 4th

PNDC - Pacific Northwest Dental Conference   

Seattle Washington
May 9th - Lecture
May 10th - Workshop 


The Dental Festival

Key West, Florida

September 14th 


ADHA Oral Healthcare Provider Symposium

April 2023 Lynnwood Washington

Dental Speaker Institute

May 2024 - Arizona 

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